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How to Release a Print Job

Once you have installed a printer queue (Windows or Mac), please follow the instructions below to print:

Please note: if you are printing a PDF document from a browser it is recommended to download the PDF first. 

Step 1:     Select Print. (Print box will vary depending on application used.)

Windows (i.e. NotePad)                                                     Mac (i.e. Notes)

Step 1 byod student prints          Step 1 byod students prints mac

If you are using Mac you may be prompted to enter your credentials. If you select the Remember this … checkbox you will have to complete the Changing your saved network password for Mac instructions when your network password is updated. 

Mac authentication screen

Option One to Release a Print Job - Swiping your Campus ID card:

Step 1:     Visit a printer near you and locate the scanner.

Step 2 byod student prints       Step 3 byod student prints

Step 2:     Swipe your campus ID card to release the print job. The campus ID card must be oriented so that the magnetic stripe is down and facing the front of the printer.

Option Two to Release a Print Job - Papercut Webprint:

Step 1:     Log into the Papercut Web portal using your student ID # and network password.

Step 2:     Select Jobs Pending Release in the left menu.

paper-cut release 1

Step 3:     Highlight the print job you would like to release, and select print under the Action tab.

paper-cut release 2

Step 4:     Select the printer where you would like the print job released. 

paper-cut 3

Step 5:     A confirmation message will be displayed.

paper-cut release 4

If you require to change advanced printer settings or forgot your campus ID, you can print directly to the printer. Please follow Adding printer to UOIT laptop (Full-TELE Students) to install the specific printer. 

Downtown Printer Locations and Names

  • 61 Charles

    Library: APDTCLIB-1 (located in the Library)
    First floor: APDTC2NDFL-1 (located by the main stairs)
    Second floor: APDTC2NDFL-2 (located by the vending machines)

  • 11 Simcoe

    First floor: APFL1-1 (located at the front desk in the Library)
    Second floor: APFL2-1 (located by the elevators)
    Second floor: APFL2-2 (located by the elevators)
    Third floor: APFL3-1 (located by the elevators)
    Third floor: APFL3-2 (located by the elevators)
    Basement: APBAS-1 (located opposite to the washrooms)

  • 55 Bond

    First floor: APDTB102-1 (located in room DTB102)

North Printer Locations and Names

If you experience issues, contact the IT Service Desk
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