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How to Install the SW100 Colour Printer

The SW100 colour printer is not part of the UOIT_North Queue and therefore must be added to your device.  Please follow the installation instructions below:

Windows PC
Step 1: Press Windows logo+ R on your keyboard to open the Run box.
Step 2: Enter \\itdcprt01.oncampus.local\APSW100-4 in the Open box and select OK.
Step 3: If a Windows Security box appears, in the user name field, type ONCAMPUS\ your student number (e.g. ONCAMPUS\100xxxxxx) and supply your network password. Select the Remember my credentials box and OK.
Step 4: The Windows Printer Installation box will appear while installation is in progress. Once that box disappears you will have finished adding the printer queue to your Windows device.
Step 1: Select the Apple Menu icon Apple Menu icon +  System Preferences.
Step 2: Choose Printers & Scanners, select the + sign and Add Printer or Scanner.
Step 3: Hover over the toolbar in the Add prompt, hold the control key and left-click to open a menu. Select Customize Toolbar from the menu.
Step 4: Drag the Advanced icon Advanced iconto the Add prompt toolbar and select Done.
Step 5: Choose Advanced on the toolbar.
Step 6: Select the blue arrows on the right of the Type field and  Windows printer via spools.
Step 7: In the URL field, enter smb://itdcprt01.oncampus.local/APSW100-4.
Step 8: Under the Name and Location field, enter SW100 Colour Printer. Under the Use field, select the blue arrows on the right and Generic PostScript Printer. Choose Add +  OK to finish adding the print queue to your Mac.
Step 9: You will be prompted to enter your credentials. Remove the default Mac user name and type the information in the format below:

User name = ONCAMPUS\<your student number>
Password = <your network password>

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