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How to Install a Network Printer for Windows

Before you can print, you will need the following:

  • Valid Student ID# and network password
  • Ontario Tech Campus ID Card
  • Printer Queue you would like to print to

Important notes:

  • Submitted print jobs will timeout after one hour if not released (swipe campus ID card at printer).
  • If you are printing a PDF document from a browser it is recommended to download the PDF first. 
  • Turn off any VPN services before submitting a print job.
  • Ensure you are connected ot CAMPUS-AIR and have you IP configuration set to automatic.

The (2) printer queues are:

  • UOIT_North – All student printers at the North location
  • UOIT_Downtown – All  student printers at the Downtown locations
Follow the steps below (you will be required to set this up once per campus).

Step 1:     Press  windows logo+ R on your keyboard to open the Run box.

Step 1 pc printer install

Step 2:     Enter the printer queue name in the Open box dependent on your location and select OK.

North Location:

  • If you are at the North location, enter: \\itdcprt01.oncampus.local\UOIT_North

Downtown Locations:

  • If you are at the downtown location, enter: \\itdcprt01.oncampus.local\UOIT_Downtown

 Step 3:     Windows Security box will appear. (please note: If you do not receive the login prompt below, skip to step 5.)

Step 2 pc printer install

Step 4:     In the User name box, enter ONCAMPUS\YourStudentNumber (i.e. ONCAMPUS\100123456) and your network password. Check the Remember my credentials box and select OK.

Step 3 pc printer install

Step 5:     The Windows Printer Installation box will appear. Your computer is now installing the printer queue driver.  

UOIT North

Step 6:     The below box will appear to confirm the printer queue has been installed. Close the box by selecting the x on the top-right corner.

Print queue

You are now ready to print your document. Follow printing instructions. If you experience issues, contact the IT Service Desk

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