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FAQ's - Students


  • What is Technology-Enriched Learning Environment (TELE)?
    Technology-Enriched Learning Environment (TELE) is a program governed by IT Services to provide students with their software and hardware needs. TELE operates in two models; Laptop TELE and BYOD TELE. Students can determine which model has been selected for their faculty by visiting the TELE model page.
  • What does Laptop TELE mean?

    Students that are enrolled in faculties that participate in the Laptop TELE model are provided with an institutional laptop for their academic studies.  For further details on faculties, hardware, software and services included in the Laptop TELE model please visit the TELE Models page and select your facutly. 

  • Can I Bring My Own Laptop?

    No, students enrolled in a faculty that participates in the Laptop TELE model are required to obtain their laptop through IT Services which ensures full compatibility of all software and hardware.  Visit the TELE Models page for further details regarding faculties included in the Laptop TELE model.  

  • I have registered for courses, how do I get a laptop?

    Information regarding obtaining a laptop will be posted on the Important Dates tab in the Faculty TELE Models page thirty days prior to the event.

  • I am a new student to the university. How do I know what laptop I will be given?
    All laptop models are carefully selected to meet the needs of the course or program and hardware specifications are predetermined in the spring of each year. View the TELE models page to find out more information about your program's laptop and hardware specifications.
  • Can students keep their laptops between semesters and through the summer?

    If you are a full-time student (both fall and winter semesters) returning to full-time studies the following academic year, you have the benefit of using the laptop throughout the summer. You are expected to check the Important Dates tab in the TELE Models page in July to select a scheduled appointment for the following:

    • picking  up a new laptop (year one or returning students without a laptop).
    • a software refresh (loading of appropriate software on the laptop for upcoming year of study)
    • a hardware refresh (when eligible, obtaining a new laptop).

    This refresh must be complete before the start of the next academic year in order to ensure that your laptop is fully-functional with curriculum-specific software.

  • How do part-time students participate in TELE?
    Students carrying a course load of less than 60 per cent are considered part-time students and will be charged a part-time Technology-Enriched Learning (TELE) fee.
  • What kind of support is available?

    The IT Service Desk provides support to students/faculty/staff for university laptops and software. Assistance is available by phone at 905.721.3333 and via email at Students, faculty and staff can also obtain walk-in assistance through the IT Service Desk located in the Learning Commons in the Gordon Willey Building, Room SW100 (north Oshawa location) and at 61 Charles St. (downtown Oshawa location).

  • What happens if I damage my laptop?

    If you damage your laptop, you are responsible to pay a fee for the repair.   You will be required to complete a Laptop Incident Report Form when you take your laptop to the IT Service Desk for repairs.  Repairs covered under warranty are not the responsibility of the student.

  • I have a charge for a laptop repair that I don't agree with. Is there an appeal form that I can fill out?

    If you wish to appeal a repair charge, please complete the Laptop Charges Appeal Request Form and forward to

  • Can I install my own software on the laptop?
    Yes. However, if your additional software causes a computer problem, you may lose all of your work unless it is properly backed up. Games should not be installed as they may interfere with your laptop’s performance. Computer program application licensing and copyright laws must be adhered to.  Please note that the use of torrent software is prohibited.



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  • I can't remember my username or password.

    Username and password information details are included in an email from the Registrar that acknowledges that your fees have been paid to the university. If you are unable to locate this message, go to the IT Service Desk for assistance. If you unable to visit the IT Service desk, please call 905.721.3333 for support.

    Note: Due to security reasons we are unable to give out usernames and passwords by email.

  • How do I change my network password?

    The Self Service Network Password Management tool allows students (on or off campus) to set up a profile of 'secret' questions as an option to reset a network password. These secret questions MUST be set up prior to the tool being used as they are tied to your network password at the time of enrollment.  Once you have set up your profile, you will be able to:

    • Change your password (if you know your current password)
    • Reset your password (if you don't know your current password)
    • Unlock your account (if you remember your password)
    • Edit your profile (edit the questions and answers in your password reset profile)