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How to Install a Network Printer for Mac

Before you can print, you will need the following:

  • Valid Student ID# and network password
  • Ontario Tech Campus ID Card
  • Printer Queue you would like to print to

 Important notes:

  • Submitted print jobs will timeout after one hour if not released (swipe campus ID card at printer).
  • If you are printing a PDF document from a browser it is recommended to download the PDF first. 
  • Turn off any VPN services before submitting a print job.
  • Ensure you are connected to CAMPUS-AIR and have your IP configuration set to automatic.

 The (2) printer queues by location are:

  • UOIT_North – All student printers at the North location
  • UOIT_Downtown – All student printers at the Downtown locations
Follow the steps below (you will be required to set this up once per location):

Step 1:     Select the Apple Menu icon Step 1 mac printer install and select System Preferences

Step 2 mac printer install

Step 2:     Select Printer & Scanners

Step 3 mac printer install

Step 3:     Select the + sign and select Add printer or Scanner …

Step 4 mac printer install

Step 4:     Hover over the toolbar in the Add prompt, hold the control key and left-click to open a menu.

Step 5 mac printer install

Step 5:     Right Click anywhere in the top menu bar, and select Customize Toolbar 

Step 6 mac printer install

Step 6:     Drag the Advanced icon advanced icon 2  to the Add prompt toolbar and select Done

Step 7 mac printer install

Step 7:     Select Advanced on the toolbar. 

Step 8 mac printer install

Step 8:     Select the blue arrows on the right of the Type field. 

Step 9 mac printer install

Step 9:     Select Windows printer via spoolss

Step 10 mac printer install

Step 10:     Enter the desired printer queue in the URL field from the list below:

North Location:

  • If you are at the North campus, enter: smb://itdcprt01.oncampus.local/UOIT_North

Downtown Locations:

  • If you are at the downtown campus, enter: smb://itdcprt01.oncampus.local/UOIT_Downtown

Under the Name and Location field, type in the appropriate print queue information (see example below).  Under the Use field, select driver to open a menu and select Generic PostScript Printer. Select Add

Name and Location field

Step 11:     Select Ok.

printer queue

Step 12:     The printer queue has been successfully added to your device. 

printer queue successfully added

You are now ready to print your document. Follow the printing instructions. If you experience issues, contact the IT Service Desk

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