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Accounts and Passwords

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Students are assigned their username and password as soon as they are officially registered at Ontario Tech. Details are included in a letter from the Registrar that acknowledges that your deposit has been been paid to Ontario Tech.  If you are unable to locate this document, go to the IT Service Desk for assistance.


  • If you are hired as a full-time employee, Human Resources will request the creation of your network account.
  • If you are part-time faculty or part-time staff, your manager or his/her designate will need to contact the IT Service Desk to request an email account for you (once an Ontario Tech employee number has been created).

Visit the IT Service Desk if you are having difficulty with your account or password.


  • Network Password


    The Self-Service Network Password Management tool allows students (on or off campus) to set up a profile of 'secret' questions as an option to reset a network password. These secret questions MUST be set up prior to the tool being used as they are tied to your network password at the time of enrollment.  Once you have set up your profile, you will be able to:

    • Change your password (if you know your current password)
    • Reset your password (if you don't know your current password)
    • Unlock your account (if you remember your password)
    • Edit your profile (edit the questions and answers in your password reset profile)


    To change your network password:

    • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete when logged into the network (while on campus) and select 'Change Password'. 
    • Please keep in mind when changing this password that it MUST be at least 8 characters in length and cannot be one of your previous 5 passwords that have been used.
  • Banner/FAST Password (Faculty & staff only)

    Faculty and staff can visit the Banner/FAST Password Reset Tool to reset their password for the Banner and FAST administrative applications.

    • Combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols.
    • A minimum of 8 characters in length.
    • Use different passwords for different accounts.
    • Memorize your password; if you cannot, use a password manager or if you must write it down do not keep it with your BannerID and lock it in a secure place.
    • Do not use words found in a dictionary from any language.
    • Do not use commonplace phrases.
    • Do not use someone's name, your birth date or your pets’ name.
    • Do not use words spelled backwards.

    Another recommendation is to use what is known as a rhythmic phrase. An example is “Along came a spider and sat down beside her” would become “Ac@saSdb4”. The example shows how to increase the complexity of the password and it not be a commonplace word.

    For further information or questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at

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