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Schedule a Google Meeting Using a Computer

Step 1: Sign into OntarioTechu.Net account at – with Banner # and Network password.


Step 2: Select the waffle tile.


Step 3: Select Calendar icon.


Step 4: Select the Create icon.


Step 5: Select More options.

More Options

Step 6: Enter a meeting title, date, start and end time.

Meeting Info

Step 7: Select Add conferencing and select Meet from the drop down.

Add Conferencing

Step 8: Select the paper clip icon to add an attachment (The file can only be seen via computer only).

Add Attachment

Please note: to add details about the meeting use the Add description box.

Step 9:  Select Guests to add participants to the meeting.

Add guests

Step 10:  If using Google Meet hardware, follow the steps below, if not, please skip to Step 11.

a) Select Rooms.

Add rooms

b) Select the building.

Add Building

c) Select the room number.

Add room number

Step 11:  Select on Manage details to get Conferencing details and paste into an email to share to the participants.

Manage Details

Step 12:  Select and copy the Conferencing details and select Done.


Step 13:  Click Save to schedule meeting



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