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Schedule a Google Meet Hardware Meeting

Step 1: Sign into OntarioTechu.Net account at with Banner # and Network password.Login

Step 2: In your OntarioTechu.Net account, select the waffle tile.

 Waffle tile

Step 3: Select Calendar icon.


Step 4: Select the Create icon.


Step 5: Select More options.

More Options

Step 6: Enter a meeting title, date, start and end time.

Meeting Info

Step 7: Select Add conferencing and select Meet from the drop down.

Add Conferencing

Step 8: Select the paper clip icon to add an attachment (The file can only be seen via computer only).

Add Attachment

Please note: to add details about the meeting use the Add description box.

Step 9: Select Guests to add participants to the meeting.

Add Guests

Step 10:

a) Select Rooms.


b) Select the building.


c) Select the room number.

Room Number

Step 11: Select and copy the Conferencing details and paste into an email to share to the participants.

Conferencing Details

Step 12: Click Save to schedule meeting.


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