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5 tech tips to become a more productive student

Image of Drive

1. Cloud storage  - Google Drive File Stream

Use Drive to save all of your academic files. Install the File Stream client to get easy access to files from Windows File Explorer: Save your files easily

Voice image

2. Type with your voice - Google Docs

Struggling with typing or want to quickly get your ideas into a doc? Type with your voice
Meet Image

3. Meet with others with video and chat - Google Meet

If you can't make it to campus, you can still meet face to face: Google Meet Training | Teacher Center


Calendar Image

4. Schedule your time - Google Calendar

Keep track of your day to day activities and where you need to be: Google Calendar training and help

Mobile Device image

5. You’re on your phone and on the get these apps!

This set of apps will help you stay connected: Get G Suite apps on your mobile devices: Get G Suite apps on your mobile devices


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