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Setting Up Duo on Android Devices

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: When prompted, select Start setup.

Image of Start Setup

Step 3: Select the Mobile Phone option.

Step 4: Select Continue.

Image of type of device

Step 5: Select Canada on the Enter your Phone Number screen.

Step 6: Enter your phone number.

Step 7: Select the checkbox to confirm your phone number and select Continue.

Image of Enter Phone Number

Step 8: Select Android to confirm your operating system.

Step 9: Select Continue.

Image of click check box

Note: If you have not already downloaded Duo Mobile from your app store, do so now. For instructions on downloading Duo Mobile on your device, click here! (LINK IS NEEDED)

Step 10: Select I have Duo Mobile installed.

Image of Duo Mobile installed

Step 11: Open the Duo Mobile app on your device.

Step 12: Use Duo Mobile’s barcode scanner to scan the barcode on screen.
• If you have issues scanning the barcode, you can select the email me an activation link instead option.

Step 13: Once the barcode has been scanned, select Continue.

Image of Barcode

Step 14: Select Send Me a Push option (recommended) as your authentication method.

Step 15: Select Continue to Login.

Step 16: Select Send me a push to initiate the Duo Mobile Push as your second factor.
• You can also click Enter a Passcode. If you do, you will enter the passcode that appears on your mobile device via Duo Mobile app.

Image of Enter Passcode

Step 17: Accept the Duo Push or enter your passcode.

Image of Push Passcode

Step 18: You will now be prompted to enter your PY password.

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