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Workspace for Information Sharing and Collaboration (WISC)

IT Services can provide faculty and staff with different options for collaboration as well as assistance on the gathering of business requirements and selection of a new business application.

  • Provide a document repository that can be easily accessed from your web browser, with optional versioning and approval control.
  • Provide a meeting space to distribute agendas and archive minutes.
  • Collaborate on documents without the need to email copies back and forth.
  • Maintain a knowledge base or wiki.
  • Create custom lists to track tasks, issues, etc.
  • Control access to your content to ensure privacy and security.
  • Reduce the amount of printing.
  • Easily find important information with a powerful search tool.
  • Sign up for email alerts when information changes.

Our Applications Solutions team can assist you with your collaboration needs by designing and implementing the following:

  • Department and faculty sites
  • Project-specific sites
  • Specialized sites
  • Forms and workflows to support business process requirements


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