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Green telephone

Telecommunications provides administrative and voice support services for both of Ontario Tech's locations (north Oshawa and downtown Oshawa) and student residences. 

Contact the IT Service Desk or call 905.721.3333, option 1 to request the following support:


  • Issues with student residence phone.

Faculty and Staff

  • Installing a new phone.
  • Removing an unneeded phone.
  • Requesting a phone extension.
  • Requesting an extension name change.
  • Requesting voicemail.
  • Fixing an existing phone line.
  • Ordering a mobile device.

Please note that if you are moving or requesting a new phone, your extension can usually move with you but the phones do not. Phones are pre-programmed with their office location in case of an emergency and this feature will not work properly if they are removed from their designated location.  You will receive a phone at your new location.


Teleconferencing services are available for faculty and staff conducting university business. In order to access this service, a department/faculty must contact the IT Service Desk to request that an account be created.  Once the account is set up, an email will be forwarded with teleconferencing details and instructions.

Staff phone directory

Telecommunications maintains the campus phone directory for all faculty and staff and updates it as required. Any changes to your name, phone extension, office location or department should be forwarded to

Find out how to change and set up voicemail options (listed under Phone section of Fact sheet page)

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