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Students, Faculty and Staff

Please select the appropriate link below to view repair details for your specific group.
  • Students

    Registered students that require laptop repair services should visit the IT Service Desk to start the process.

    • Personal laptops will be repaired onsite if they are under the manufacturer's warranty. Laptop models accepted are:
    Dell Lenovo
    • Latitude 3400, 3490, 5470
    • G7
    • Precision 3510, 3520, 3530, 3540
    • T14, T15, T470, T480, T490, T570, T580
    • Yoga 370
    • L380, L390
    • P53
    • Legion Y540
    • For personal laptops that require repair that is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, the cost of parts and labour will apply.
    • Loaner laptops may be available to students at no additional cost while your laptop is being repaired. This is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis and is subject to availability.
    Please note: IT Service Desk does not repair liquid damage on personal laptops.
  • Faculty and Staff

    Faculty and staff that are experiencing software or hardware issues with their university laptop should visit the IT Service Desk for assistance.  

    When should I visit the IT Service Desk with my university laptop? What should I do if I spilled something on the university laptop?
    • If the laptop is not functioning properly or prohibits from performing daily tasks.
    • If the laptop makes odd or unusual noises.
    • If the laptop is abnormally hot.
    • If experiencing log-in issues.
    • If a spill occurs (check side steps for what to do).

    Step 1: Hold down the power button for 5 seconds and the laptop will shut down.

    Step 2: Unplug the AC adapter and/or cords.

    Step 3: Let the laptop rest for 10 minutes on a flat solid surface until the liquid drains (no need to flip it upside down).

    Step 4: Close the laptop.

    Step 5: Do not carry the laptop in a backpack/bag. Hold it with two hands in an upright position and visit the IT Service Desk immediately.

Laptop Care Tips

Do ... Don't ...
  • take care of your laptop and the adapter (wrap it up correctly).
  • take extra care when transporting your laptop in a bag/backpack.
  • use the laptop on a flat solid surface.
  • turn it off every once in a while.
  • have clean hands when using your laptop.
  • eat or drink around your laptop.
  • touch the screen, unless it's a tablet.
  • carry or pick up your laptop by the screen or keyboard.
  • carry an opened laptop by the keyboard bezel.
  • leave your laptop turned on in your bag/backpack.
  • pull on the power cord.
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