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MyOntarioTech is a web-based portal for students, faculty, administrators, staff and alumni to access campus resources and information. It provides users with a central point of access to multiple Ontario Tech systems and information on a wide range of topics as follows:


  • Accessing schedules and courses.
  • Adding and/or dropping courses.
  • Campus news/announcements.
  • Checking final grades and exam schedules.
  • Directly accessing Canvas courses via single sign-on.
  • Linking to a variety of resources such as bus routes and Student Associations functions.
  • Purchasing books online.
  • Registering for courses online.
  • Reviewing online transcripts.
  • Sending and receiving OntarioTechU.Net emails.
  • Viewing account summaries.
  • Booking a session to pick up your laptop.


  • Accessing schedules.
  • Directly accessing Canvas courses via single sign-on.
  • Managing courses.
  • Posting grades.


  • Providing a direct interface to Banner self-serve through single sign-on.
  • Providing links between Banner, including data updates and grade submission into Banner via MyOntarioTech.

Please visit MyOntarioTech to access these features.

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