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Secure File Transfer

What is this service?

Secure File Transfer is available using the SynaMan product (pronounced Cinnamon). To ensure data security and confidentiality IT Services installed SynaMan on internal servers.

Who can use this service?

SynaMan SFT is available to all university Faculty and Staff. Employees already have access. No further approvals or forms are required.

When would you use SynaMan SFT?

Faculty and Staff at the university share information internally and externally as part of their daily operations. SynaMan SFT allow Faculty and Staff to share information containing confidential and/or personal information safely, limiting the risk of an accidental data breach.

SynaMan SFT provides faculty and staff the ability to:
  • Encrypt and password protect files and share with intended recipients,
  • Recover or remove files when sent accidentally to an incorrect recipients,
  • Receive email confirmation when recipient successfully downloads the file,
  • Invite users to upload a file to share,
  • Share files too large to email normally, and remove reliance on external applications like Drop Box.

User Documentation

Go to URL: UOIT IT Security WISC site.

For Help with SynaMan SFT

Contact IT Service Desk, or call ext. 3333 to log an Incident.

To Report a Privacy Breach

Contact Privacy Officer, ext. 6705

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