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Malicious Email New Invoice

Information Technology Services (ITS) Security Advisory Notice:

January 2017
IT security issue to be aware of:

Please be aware that there is a particularly nasty targeted phishing/malware email circulating campus this week:

new invoice

This is particularly nasty, as the email password provided could have been yours at somepoint so you are more likely to click on the link, or open up the attached file which could deliver malware payload.

How can they know your password?  Chances are your email address and password was exposed, sold and the perpetrator bought the list.  If you remember where you used that password, that gives you an idea on where the breach came from.

Please remember,

  1. Delete these emails and do not forward to anyone else.
  2. Do not open these emails or the related attachments.
  3. Think before you click on the links. Check the embedded link information to make sure it looks like it is going where it says it will go.    

Helpful tip: Today is a good day to back up your important data onto the H: drive.  Just in case. 

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