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How to create a strong password

  • Combination of upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols.
  • A minimum of 8 characters in length.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts.
  • Memorize your password; if you cannot, use a password manager or if you must write it down do not keep it with your BannerID and lock it in a secure place.
  • Do not use words found in a dictionary from any language.
  • Do not use commonplace phrases.
  • Do not use someone's name, your birth date or your pets’ name.
  • Do not use words spelled backwards.

Another recommendation is to use what is known as a rhythmic phrase. An example is “Along came a spider and sat down beside her” would become “Ac@saSdb4”. The example shows how to increase the complexity of the password and it not be a commonplace word.

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