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Preparing Your Laptop For An Exam

Prior to your exam:
  1.  Restart your laptop.
  2. Launch Respondus Lock Down Browser (RLB) and perform any updates to Respondus or download new version of RLB from the Software Portal.*
  3. Install any updates to the operating system (Windows or macOS) if necessary.
  4. Visit the Software Support Area for assistance if required.

On the day of your exam (in-class):
  1.  Mute the sound on your laptop.
  2.  Close all applications.
  3.  Disconnect and reconnect the wireless network connection (step 1 to 3 are mandatory).
  4.  Restart and launch RLB again (if unable to access RLB after completing steps 2 and 3).*
  5.  Raise your hand for technical assistance or to inform the instructor of an issue.

*These steps apply to Respondus LockDown Browser assessments only.

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