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Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) used to support all courses at Ontario Tech University.  To log into Canvas:

  • Visit:
  • Student number: 100XXXXXX
  • Network password: Ontario Tech network password

How do we use Canvas at Ontario Tech?

Students may use Canvas to (depending on how the professor sets up the course):
  • Access content and assessments, important updates and announcements for courses.
  • Contact instructors or classmates via the messages tool or other communication tools.
  • Participate in discussion boards, group assignments, journals, blogs and wikis.
  • Additional Canvas Resources for students can be found on the Teaching and Learning Website.
Faculty members may use Canvas to:
  • Post and organize content for their courses, including course outlines, weekly resources, online assessments and announcements.
  • Communicate with students via the course messages tool and to set up discussion boards, group assignments, blogs, journals or wikis.
  • Additional Canvas Resources for Faculty can be found on the Teaching and Learning Website.

Getting help with Canvas

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