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Backup and sync instructions

Backup and Sync is a desktop application for automatically backing up your documents, pictures, and desktop files to your Google Drive account. In the event your computer stops working or you replace your computer, you can use Backup and Sync to easily restore those folders on your new machine.


Download Backup and Sync and follow the prompts to install it.
Important: On the Sign In screen you must select the Sign in with your browser instead link at the bottom of the screen. When the browser opens sign in with your email address and password.
It's also recommended to save space on your laptop by unchecking Sync My Drive to this computer.

Backup and Sync Installation Picture

Employees can install Backup and Sync via LANDesk to automate the setup process.

Using Backup and Sync

After installing Backup and Sync it will automatically run in the background keeping your important files backed up on Google Drive. To confirm that your files are backed up, open File Explorer and verify there is a green checkmark beside your backed up folders.

Backup and Sync Using Product Picture

If any folders show a red (x) then they have failed to back up. You can select the Backup and Sync icon in your taskbar tray and select the Retry button to attempt to sync any files that have failed.Restoring Data from Backup and Sync

If you have data backed up in Backup and Sync and would like to restore this data on a new computer.
Step 1: Install Backup and Sync on the new computer.
Step 2: Visit select Computers, and then select your old computer from the list of backed up machines.

 Backup and Sync Restoring Data Step 1

Step 3: Select all the folders you wish to restore and then drag the files to your new computer in the list on the left.

 Backup and Sync Restoring Data Step 2


For more information visit the Drive page.

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