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Schedule a Google Meeting using an iOS Device

Step 1: Select Google Calendar if not already installed, please go to the App Store to install it.

Google Calendar

Step 2: Select + to add event.

Add event

Step 3: Select Event.

Event title

Step 4: Enter the title of the meeting.

Enter title

Step 5: Select Events to select your OntarioTechu.Net email address.

Enter email address

Step 6: Select Add guests to add guests.

Add people

Step 7: Select the day and time of the meeting.

Day and time

Step 8: If using Google Meet Hardware, follow the steps below, if not, please skip to Step 9.

a) Select Add room.

Add room

b) Select the building.

Add building

c) Select the room number.

Room number

Step 9: Select Add conferencing.

Add conferencing

Step 10: Select Save.



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