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  • Is this email really for "life"?
    We hope so but the reality is technology changes and who knows what email communication will look like in 30 years. That said we're confident that both Google and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology will be around in some form for a very long time and your account will be as well.  Of course email usage is subject to Google's terms of use, and to UOIT's own policies around use of its web properties. As such, we reserve the right to suspend or de-activate accounts if there is any breach of the user agreements.
  • Why is UOIT offering email for life to its alumni?
    UOIT's primary reason for offering email for life is because it has been frequently requested by alumni. Email also offers UOIT and the UOIT Alumni Association a more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient way to communicate with alumni.
  • How many UOIT alumni have a email address?
    More than 12000 UOIT alumni have a email address available to them.
  • Will UOIT contact me more often now?
    No. We try to be mindful of the number and frequency of emails sent out to alumni.
  • I already have a Gmail account. How does that help me?
    Only UOIT has the right to provision Google accounts with the domain. This demonstration of your affiliation with UOIT can be useful for resumes and connecting with fellow alumni.
  • Will there be a central directory to find other alumni?

    Yes, you can find your alumni friends through the UOIT Alumni Directory where you automatically become a member when you graduate. You should ensure your email and mailing address are up to date to be an active member.

    The directory allows you to post class notes, find a mentor, register for events and keep your contact information updated so you will be notified about future events and learn about new alumni benefits and UOIT news.