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Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

The information listed below is for the 2019-20 academic year only. Details regarding the 2020-21 academic year will be posted in mid-June.

  • What do I need to know about BYOD?

    Description of video:

    Video outlines the high-level services Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) TELE offers for Ontario Tech students. Links mentioned in the video:

  • Hardware

    HARDWARE MODELS (2019-20)


    • Incoming and returning students in the Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science will bring their own device in the 2019-2020 academic year.
    • Please review the Laptop Standards tab in this section for recommended minimum hardware specifications. These specifications are required for Ontario Tech University software to run successfully and without any interruptions on your device.
    • View suggested devices

  • Software


    The list below shows the software provided by IT Services to undergraduate students and faculty members.

    • Visit the breakdown of Software by Course Code page for details.
    • The specific software applications that are provided to each student and faculty member are dependent on course or academic program requirements.
    • Students or faculty members may be required to use additional Ontario Tech licensed software applications or services that are not listed in the software summary below.
    • Software listings are subject to change.

    ActiveState Active Python NX Nastran
    Adams Office
    Anti-virus software Ontario Tech Printer Installer
    Audacity Patran
    Cadence Board Bundle PDF24
    Capstone Project Professional
    ChemOffice Ultra ProTeXt
    CoolPack PSCAD
    CoreFTP LE PSPICE student version
    EES Academic/Professional Ptolemy II
    Endnote Putty
    Gammavision (lab only) RadDecay
    Inkscape Respondus Lockdown Browser
    Introduction to Business SAS
    JT Translator SigmaPlot
    KompoZer Solid Edge
    LabVIEW Solidworks
    Maple ST360 (lab only)
    Maple (Xubuntu) Visio Professional
    Maple TA Visual Studio Professional
    MapleSim VMWare Player
    Matlab VMWare Workstation
    MicroShield Windows
    Mini Refprop WinRAR
    Multisim - Circuit Design Suite WinSCP
    Nastran WinXP VM

  • Laptop standards

    Use this tool to verify if your personally owned machine meets the recommended minimum specifications for Ontario Tech University software usage for your courses. Please download and run the application by selecting the button below.


    Use the minimum specifications table below as a guideline when acquiring a machine for your courses. These specifications are recommended for successful Ontario Tech University software usage.  View suggested devices.

    Operating System
    • Windows 10 64-bit (Pro edition is preferred)
    • Windows 10 must have the latest updates installed
    Processor Type Core i5 U, H, or HQ Processor
    Memory Minimum 16GB RAM
    Hard Drive Minimum 250GB, 100GB of available space (SSD recommended)
    Graphics Card NVIDIA Quadro or AMD Radeon Pro WX
    Wireless Network Card Card supporting wireless N
    Virus Protection An up to date Antivirus client is required. Windows Defender is included with Windows 10 for free.
    Additional requirements
    • Ontario Tech University projectors support VGA and HDMI only. If your machine does not have a supported display connector, you may be required to purchase an adapter.
    • A machine with an Ethernet adapter is preferred.
    • Students in this faculty MUST have a Windows PC. Mac hardware running Windows OS is NOT an acceptable alternative.
    • The machine should be capable of running Linux in a dual boot configuration.

  • Services


    Software             Students are provided with software that can be used on their personal device. Visit software for BYOD TELE students to learn how to download and install software.
    Software Support Software support is available to all students participating in the BYOD TELE model.  Visit the IT Service Desk locations for further instructions or visit the Software Support area located at the North Oshawa Library or 61 Charles Library.
    Exam Support Technical support is provided during in-class examinations (upon faculty request) and emergency loaner laptops are available in the event of hardware or software failure. Visit preparing your laptop for an exam to learn tips on how to be ready prior and on the day of an exam. 
    Laptop Rentals (short term use only) Available for a nominal fee to accommodate BYOD TELE students who might need a rental for a limited time (subject to availability). View hardware BYOD TELE students information for details.

    General Use Workstations (GUWs)

     Access to course-specific software for BYOD students is available on all desktops located in the North Library and on selected desktops in the Downtown Library (61 Charles St.).

    Hardware Repair

    Onsite hardware repair is available to eligible Lenovo and Dell laptop models only. Repairs are conducted by licensed repair technicans. View details about repairs and tips on how to take care of your device.

  • Fees

    TELE FEES (2019-20)

    Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science students pay a mandatory fee which is directed to the cost of delivering the technology learning environment.  Any funds remaining at year end will be applied to the future costs of the program. As part of the BYOD TELE model,  the annual TELE fee for FESNS students will be $221 for the 2019-20 academic year.

  • Agreements
  • Important dates

    BYOD TELE Events



    Download your software for Fall semester*

    August 1

    Software Portal

    Download your software for Winter semester*

    January 1

    Software Portal

    Download your software for Spring/Summer semester*

    April 1

    Software Portal

     *must be registered in courses prior to downloading software


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