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What is a virus

In today’s electronic society many people are aware of the dangers that may occur when clicking on an unrecognized link within an email or clicking on a pop up while browsing the internet. Be alert and recognize a virus before it affects your computer and spreads.

What is a virus?

A virus is a software program that is intended to create harm to your computer. It has the potential to steal information, encrypt files and spread to other computers and the campus network.

How can you get a virus?

• Through email attachments.
• Through links within an email.
• Downloading applications from unknown websites.
• Clicking on unknown pop ups while browsing the internet.
• Installing pirated software.

Signs you may have a virus ?

• F-Secure pop up warning.
• Computer does not start.
• Computer slows down when the program starts.
• Computer freezes frequently or encounters errors.
• Unable to load operating system.
• Computer beeps with no display.
• Browser window freezes.

(A virus could also be undetected; any abnormal computer functionality should be brought forward.)

What to do when you detect a virus ?

• Turn off wireless.
• Unplug network cable.
• Contact the IT Service Desk at 905.721.3333 option 1 or email at

Other tips …

• Do not open or download email attachments without checking the source;
• Back up your computer on a regular basis using H: drive or an external hard drive; and
• Have your computer software refreshed annually by IT Services.

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