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Managing Online Exams During COVID-19

For Faculty

Teaching Online
Please visit Teaching Online for resources to assist you in conducting online exams.
If this is your first online exam or you require additional setup assistance, please contact the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC)

Respondus is a comprehensive training resource intended for instructors who plan to use Respondus Monitor and Respondus Lockdown Browser with online exams. If you're working with Respondus, visit:
Rapid Rollout (for Instructors)
Pre-recorded version of the daily webinars

For Students

Preparing your Laptop for an Exam
• Please ensure your laptop is working, and charged.
• Install any updates to the operating system (Windows or macOS).
• Download any required software from the Ontario Tech Software Portal.
• Restart your computer before the exam, and close any programs not required (such as Skype).
• If required for exam, launch Respondus Lockdown Browser (RLB).

Contact Software Support for any assistance.

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