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Windows 8.1 Training Videos

UOIT-image specific Windows 8.1 tutorials:

Accessing the Windows 8.1 start screen

Applies to UOIT owned machines only, on how to transition from the desktop (Windows 7) format to the new start screen (Windows 8) format.

Keyboard shortcuts

Accessing Windows apps from the desktop

Applies to UOIT owned machines only, on how to view and open Windows apps in the desktop (Windows 7) format.


Windows 8.1 tutorials:

All about Start

The Start screen is the starting point for everything you do with your PC. You can think of it like the Start menu you’re used to, but now it’s full-screen, and you can personalize it with your apps, friends, and photos.

Topics covered:

  • Pinning apps you use often
  • Unpinning apps from Start
  • Organize your Start screen

Learn about the Start screen

The familiar desktop

The desktop you know and love is still here. You can use programs for work and play with apps from the Windows Store—all from the desktop. Add your favorite apps to the taskbar, and choose your favorite themes and background.

Please note: IT Services has provided the Desktop (Windows 7 format) as the default start screen.

Topics covered:

  • Getting back to the desktop
  • Apps on the taskbar
  • Pinning apps to your taskbar
  • Switching between apps on the taskbar
  • Using apps in a familiar way
  • Customizing the desktop
  • Choosing where to go when you sign in
  • More options from the Start button

 Learn about the desktop

Getting around your PC

Learn the essentials about navigating your PC, including how to get back to Start, switch between apps, and use apps side by side. Be more efficient with touch or a mouse and keyboard, and learn the top keyboard shortcuts.

Topics covered:

  • Desktop
  • Start screen
  • Apps view
  • Getting around with touch
  • Common actions using touch
  • Getting around with a mouse
  • Common actions using a mouse
  • Using apps side by side
  • Using two apps side by side

Learn how to get around your PC

 Search, share, print and more

No matter where you are on your PC, you can use the charms to perform basic actions. See how to search the web and your PC, share content like photos or websites, go back to Start, print and use other devices, and change settings.

Topics covered:

  • Using the charms for things you do often
  • Search
  • Share
  • Start

Learn about the charms

Getting and using apps

Search or browse the Windows Store to find the apps you want. There are lots to choose from, and many are free or offer free trials. Also find out how to use apps, change their settings, and close an app.

Please note: UOIT IT Services does not recommend the use of picture passwords for UOIT laptops as they can be less secure than a strong complex password.

Topics covered:

  • Installing apps
  • Pinning apps
  • Using your apps
  • Syncing apps between PCs
  • Automatic apps updates
  • Installing your apps on other PCs

Learn how to get and use apps

Personalize your PC

Add your personal touch to your PC with your favorite photos, colors, and backgrounds. Put your best face forward with a new account picture.

Topics covered:

  • Signing in with a picture password
  • Choosing where you go when you sign in
  • Changing your account picture
  • Customizing Start
  • Customizing your lock screen
  • Syncing your settings
  • Customizing the desktop

Please note:  UOIT IT Services does not recommend the use of picture passwords for UOIT laptops as they can be less secure than a strong complex password.

Learn how to personalize your PC

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